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Win Serf is a simple and easy to use task reminder, and alarm program




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Win Serf is a simple and easy to use task reminder, and alarm program. It allows you to make notes, set reminders, and alarms. Your tasks are displayed in a small 3d window that can be configured to remain on top Your notes are rotated every 2 minutes, so you never forget a task.

Also, you can set reminder dates to notify you when a task is due. The alarm function lets you set up to 10 daily alarms. You can also specify the day of the week to sound the alarms.

If you choose to, you can use an MP3 file as your sound. Win Serf also features the Three Alien Babies, and Wee Wimpy Chimps. They are 3D characters engaged in entertaining office antics, infusing a little life and fun to your PC

Here are some key features of "Win Serf ":

· Full 3D characters engaged in entertaining office antics.
· Daily task list (Up to 25 tasks)
· Tasks can be set to trigger reminders on certain dates.
· Up to 10 daily alarms.
· Alarms can be set to tirgger every day, or on specific days of the week.
· Alarm volume fades in gradually.
· Alarms can be disabled individually, or all at once.
· Humorous quotes can be displayed to help motivate you, and add some cheer to your day.
· Option to display an analog clock.
· Option for an hourly chime.


· Windows 2000 (service pack 4+)
· Windows XP (service pack 2+)
· DirectX 9c (or higher)
· 3D Video Card (1024 x 768 or higher)
· DirectX 9c video card driver
· 384 MB RAM
Last updated on November 27th, 2006
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