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Reminder that can say time with your voice for those who are pressed for time





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Add to the taskbar clock the customization, recordable time announcements, images, calendar, forthcoming events list, daily time sheets, quick text / voice notes taking, sending and converting to tasks, appointments and to-do items that reminds about themselves in the ever-new-color scrollable window with specialized alarms and reminders.

It's for those who are pressed for time. No more lost ideas. Click once on the taskbar clock and start taking the notes or record the voice message. Then send them to the default text editor, word processor, email or convert to tasks appointments and to-do's with the alarms and reminders.

You may also send them to the clipboard and then past to any program. No need to bother about your time. Your Voice Reminder will announce it for you either with prerecorded or you recorded voice. Your own voice will be always pleasant for you and you may e-mail your date/time announcement as a gift to your friend.

No need to bother about your birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, tasks, rest breaks or other events. Your Voice Reminder will remind you about them with text / voice startup reminders or alarms. No more composing to-do list and schedule. Your Voice Reminder will automatically compose it from your alarms and startup reminders.

It's exportable, importable and printable. No more clattered screen. The calendar, big round clock, to-do list and an image of your choice will be shown and hidden with one mouse move (you even do not need to click). No need to waste your time for the skinning. Your Voice Reminder skins with Windows XP.

In addition, Your Voice Reminder will provide users with ever-new color making you easier to notice them. The program includes reminders for major US holidays, daylight savings time, and other key events. Your Voice Reminder is so wise that it will show the start-up reminders daily, even if your computer never shuts off during the day. Work in comfort and let Your Voice Reminder to bother about your time and schedule.
Last updated on January 30th, 2012
Your Voice Reminder - Your Voice Reminder will remind you about them with text / voice startup reminders or alarmsYour Voice Reminder - The Notes Browser will provide users with quick and easy management of their notesYour Voice Reminder - The Edit menu will display a list of options such as Quick Note / Recording, Instant Alarm / Appointment or Delete All Obsolete itemsYour Voice ReminderYour Voice ReminderYour Voice ReminderYour Voice Reminder

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