Amnesia (formerly jSticker)

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A user-friendly application that allows you to create alarms or stickers (post-its) that pop up on your screen at the due moment






Amnesia is a lightweight program that can help you remember appointments or other events, by allowing you to create alarms and stickers.

You can set a one-time alarm, or a recurring one, specify the starting and ending days then assign a ringtone to it.

Alarms can be programmed to appear at a given time, stickers can be placed on desktop to view it anytime.

You can also use the program as a phone book and enter as many contacts as you wish, with phone numbers, addresses and birthdays.
Last updated on May 2nd, 2014
Amnesia (formerly jSticker) - Amnesia is a useful program that allows you to create alarms and reminders for important events.Amnesia (formerly jSticker) - You can easily create a single alarm or a recurring one, add the date and time and assign a ringtone.Amnesia (formerly jSticker) - You can view all the reminders from the current month in the Alarms tab, where you can edit them or add more alarms.Amnesia (formerly jSticker)Amnesia (formerly jSticker)Amnesia (formerly jSticker)Amnesia (formerly jSticker)Amnesia (formerly jSticker)Amnesia (formerly jSticker)

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