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Cleverly organize your time in a planner, take notes and also manage finances with this lightweight and easy to use application

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Every planned minute of your life represents a step closer to success. TaskTome promises to help you organize your time in a clever way to give you the boost needed to reach the top.

Lightweight and user friendly

Once the application is up and running you feel the need to start filling the calendar with everything there is to do. It is only a matter of minutes before you are familiarized with all available tools.

Tasks and events are clearly visible in the “Planner” tab, where each day of the month is attributed enough space to include all activities of a busy day.

In case you are having difficulties in finding something specific, and integrated search engine will offer aid, as well as a browser that lets you go through all created events with their corresponding dates.

Write down everything

Besides the “Planner” briefly mentioned above, you also have access to several ways in which you can better organize your thoughts. There is a “Diary” option that lets you write down all thoughts and feeling acquired during the current day.

In terms of writing, the “Notes” tab is similar to the one mentioned above, differences being that pictures can be inserted, and the document itself is independent of date.

Furthermore, you can also keep track of your budget from the “Finance” tab. You simply enter the amount each day and it will be shown in a graph for you to better visualize money flow.

Few disadvantages

As polished as it may seem, flaws managed to infiltrate into the design. Whenever you need to make a change in events, the whole main window needs to be brought up, due to the lack of a minimized version. Additionally, no alarm clock is implemented, and constant checking must be done to be sure not to miss any event.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that taskTome is a neat utility to use when organizing your time. Various tools are put at your disposal to make this easier, but the lack of an alarm clock cuts off a big part from potential.

taskTome was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 18th, 2014
taskTome - taskTome will help you maintain a task list, planner, note pad and financial informationtaskTome - The Planner Event window will provide users with Save, Delete, Cancel, Spelling, Date, Subject or Category optionstaskTome - Users will be able to access options such as Add / Delete / Hide Completed Task or View Details from the Tasks tabtaskTometaskTometaskTometaskTometaskTometaskTometaskTometaskTometaskTometaskTometaskTometaskTometaskTometaskTometaskTome

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