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A simple, practical and effective application whose main purpose is to spoof your caller ID and disguise your phone number effortlessly

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Caller ID Spoofer is a simple and useful utility that enables you to spoof your caller ID by connecting to

The term of Caller ID spoofing is commonly used for prank calls and is the practice of causing the telephone network to display a different number that the user is calling from.

The main window of the application is very simple and allows you to specify the phone number you want to call and the caller ID that will be displayed. Also, you have the possibility to delay the current call and set the application to send you a message when the call is queued.

Because of its user-friendly interface, you are able to enter any number you want to be displayed each time you call your friends. Furthermore, you can change between phone carriers such as Verizon, Nextel, Altel or US Cellular.

Hence, the application helps you to disguise your number and each time you call a random person, she will see only the specified number instead of yours.

Although this technique of spoofing caller IDs has been available for years to people with a specialized digital connection to the telephone company, these kinds of applications must be used only for pranking friends or colleagues.

In conclusion, Caller ID Spoofer comes in handy when you need to change the phone number that someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call.

Caller ID Spoofer was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on October 30th, 2013
Caller ID Spoofer - The main window of Caller ID Spoofer enables you to enter the call that you want to delay.

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