Memory Dialer 1.00.2231

Memory Dialer is a desktop utility with a 90 numbers phone-dialing keypad designed to speed up placing and redialing calls!

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Memory DialerMemory DialerMemory Dialer
Memory Dialer is a desktop utility with a 90 numbers phone-dialing keypad designed to speed up placing and redialing telephone calls using PC for any of five dialing modes (Outlook Dialer, DTMF Tone, hands-free Microphone & Speakers/headset, Skype Out, external Phone).

Memory Dialer is integrated with MSN/Windows Messenger, Microsoft Outlook, and Skype and will allow importing and creating a list of preferred Contacts, checking their online status, and taking certain actions (Phone Call, Skype Out, Chat-Instant Messaging, Voice Conversation, Conference, Send a File, etc.), of these applications in one click from a single interface.

Here are some key features of "Memory Dialer":

■ Speed-Dial telephone numbers using PC, modem and speaker or headset
■ Enjoy hands-free* telephone conversations via your computer, dial phone numbers using a standard internal or external Data/Fax modem, speak using an external Phone.
■ Memory dialer keypad with up to 30 Contact Names, 90 phones (3 levels)
■ You can create/assign contacts data (telephone numbers, Skype, MSN Messenger contacts to speed-dial buttons and organize them in order preferred with the simple drag-and-drop.
■ Real telephone keypad – like – and - feel interface
■ Similar to a regular desktop telephone, you can access the speed-dial buttons in one click, being able to make or fix the keypad appearance on top of other windows
■ 9 button Outlook Quick Dial toolbar Integrated into Microsoft Outlook toolbar
■ It is easy to assign speed-dial phone numbers and open the keypad in one click from the convenient toolbar
■ Start chat, voice conversation, voice conference, send file in a few clicks
■ Memory Dialer is integrated with Skype and MSN/Windows Messenger, you can conveniently employ the most-favored features of these applications directly from Memory Dialer keypad.
■ The utility supports the Windows Dialing Properties dialog
■ This feature gives you automatic number formatting for different dialing locations, as well as provides support for calling cards and long distance provider prefixes
■ Create or import preferred contacts from Microsoft Outlook in a few clicks
■ Assign a phone number (up to 3 numbers) to a speed dial buttons by typing it in the field next to the dial button. You can assign a Name to this button later in the same simple way as you write numbers on your phone keypad. Import selected Outlook Contacts in a few clicks or import/assign one Outlook Contact to a chosen speed-dial button.
■ Memory dialer accessible without Microsoft Outlook
■ If you use PIM other than Microsoft Outlook you can still use the program and manually create (copy-paste or type in) a list of you preferred contacts with their phone numbers
■ Select one of five dialing modes to call Contacts
■ You can select from the following modes:
■ - Outlook Dialer uses the standard Outlook Dialer form in the standard Desktop configuration (SIP, PBX, modem connected to a voice line, and other configuration available from Windows Dialing Properties and your modem properties)
■ - DTMF Tone, that dials via speakers. Your telephone must be working in the tone dialing mode, if you want to use this mode.
■ - Hands-free Microphone & Speakers/ headset*
■ - External Phone (Per Modem) option uses computer modem to dial numbers, after which the user can talk via a regular telephone.
■ - Skype Out launches Skype™ to call (Skype Out) using the speed-dial buttons.
■ Assign Skype or MSN/Windows Messenger contacts to selected speed-dial buttons
■ Enable the Skype and MSN Messenger Online Status for all Dialer Contacts.
■ Redial the latest Actions (phone, Skype, SkypeOut) using the Recent Call list
■ Opt the Keyboard shortcuts
■ Use the keyboard shortcuts for navigation through the Memory Dialer cells, Level selection and Quick Dial buttons


■ Microsoft Outlook version 2000 (SP3), 2002/XP (SP-2), 2003
■ Windows Messenger: 4.7 and later
■ MSN Messenger: 5.0 and later (optional)
■ Incompatible with Outlook Express, or Outlook versions prior to 2000
■ CPU: at least Pentium 400 MHz
■ Memory: minimum requirement is 64MB (256MB recommended)


■ 14 days trial

Last updated on April 12th, 2007

Runs on: Windows All

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