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Create faxes using a scanner or by print-to-fax, send and receive faxes






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RKS Fax is an easy-to-use but powerful fax utility that will help you create, send and receive faxes.

Thanks to the range of options, creating a fax has never been easier. With the help of a Scan-to-Fax option, the user can scan the needed pages and send them to the Outbox as a new fax. Once the fax is in the Outbox, it may be viewed, printed or sent. Additionally, RKS Fax provides its users with a printer driver, which allows them to print to fax from most Windows programs.

Once the fax has been received, it is stored in the Incoming fax table, so that users can handle it according to their needs: view, print or delete. The program offers its users a TIFF & PDF support, which enables them to store faxes in industry standard TIFF, and export them to Adobe PDF.

RKS Fax was tailored to meet the needs of individual users and small businesses using Windows Vista or Windows XP. The intuitive, user-friendly interface along with a wide range of features makes RKS Fax the clear choice in fax software. The program uses the modem in your computer and a regular telephone line to send faxes. The uniqueness of RKS Fax is in its compatibility: in 99% of cases, no special setup or further configuration is needed to start sending and receiving faxes.
Last updated on October 30th, 2008
RKS Fax - The main window of RKS Fax allows users to view the tools they have in hand to send or receive faxes.RKS Fax - From this window you can configure settings regarding the faxes, the phonebook, printer and more.RKS Fax - In this window users can configure the modem's settings that they are using.RKS Fax - From this window you can enable certain options concerning the faxes receiving.RKS Fax - screenshot #5RKS Fax - screenshot #6

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