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A comprehensive and efficient software application designed to serve as a VOIP softphone solution that allows you to make phone calls directly from your computer

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Communication over the Internet is by no means something new and Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies have been constantly evolving for many years now. This makes it very easy today for any user to place a telephone call from a regular PC by using a specialized piece of software called softphone.

One of the applications that are especially tailored for this purpose is called SJphone and it aims to provide a wide variety of functions that surpass those of old-school phones and even some of the mobile devices in use today.

Through a simple, yet nicely done interface, SJphone can help all users, even those with less experience in the use of such tools, get in touch with friends, family and colleagues with minimal efforts.

As one would expect, the phonebook is present and well-represented in terms of functionality. Thus, one can add contacts and manage them with great ease. It is possible to attach besides the name of that person details like nickname, e-mail address as well as some notes and a personalized picture to identify them faster in the list.

The call tally is done automatically and includes dialed numbers, received and missed telephone calls. A neat feature is the ability to display peers that are connected to the same LAN and are online, so that contacting them is only one click away.

If you feel like chatting with one or more of your friends, you can either start a conference call or use the built-in instant messaging technology. You will have to configure the Jabber parameters for this, but if you've done it once with another IM software, it should go very easy.

SJphone features many customizations and advanced functions that need some time getting into if you want to know the application inside out. For simple tasks though, like making phone calls over the Internet and socializing through the instant messenger, this tool may prove to be surprisingly good.

SJphone was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on October 24th, 2013
SJphone - The application allows you to make phone calls directly from your computer, by calling numbers from the address book.SJphone - You can hide the main window of the application and you can also open the Options window from the context Menu.SJphone - You can create a an address book containing detailed information, such as name, nickname, e-mail address, and also a personal note.SJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphoneSJphone