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The full Office suite tailored especially for United States students, so that they can take notes, create presentations, check their e-mail account and generate spreadsheets on the fly

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The Office package is a top product of Microsoft, used by millions of users worldwide. The Academic version of Office is especially designed for students and provides powerful tools to meet their needs and requirements.

Required proof of enrollment and incorporated tools

The application is exclusively available to students who attend a United States educational institution. Prior to purchasing, the student eligibility is verified, as the buyer has to provide proof of enrollment to the university.

The Microsoft Office Professional Academic kit bundles the top-of-the-list components of the suite: Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote and Publisher. All these applications are designed to help students complete their assignments easier and provide high-quality projects.

Write text documents, create spreadsheets and presentations

Word is one of the most popular text editors and document creating applications, Excel provides the necessary analysis tools for working with spreadsheets and handling large amounts of data, while PowerPoint is designed to assist you in creating professional-looking presentations with its media editing tools and transition effects, and Access is the ideal tool for creating professional databases that contain multiple functions.

Manage your e-mail account and take notes fast

Additionally, the package includes Outlook, the well-knows email client that can help you keep in touch with friends, teachers and other contacts.

You can also take advantage of OneNote, a handy digital notebook developed for taking notes, complete assignments or organize information and ideas for your on-going projects. Last but not least, Publisher is an intuitive application that can help you create visually compelling publications, without having any graphic design experience.


To wrap it up, Microsoft Office Professional Academic brings together a suite of tools which allows U.S. students to complete assignments, express ideas, put their creativity to use and stay connected with others. As in the case of the classical office suite, this does not affect the computer’s performance, the response time is good and the interface is quite simple-to-handle.

Microsoft Office Professional Academic was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
Microsoft Office Professional AcademicMicrosoft Office Professional AcademicMicrosoft Office Professional AcademicMicrosoft Office Professional AcademicMicrosoft Office Professional AcademicMicrosoft Office Professional AcademicMicrosoft Office Professional Academic