Remove Duplicates from Excel

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A handy and useful add-on for Microsoft Excel that helps you discover then delete the duplicate rows and columns from your spreadsheets

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Remove Duplicates from Excel

Remove Duplicates from Excel is an easy to use add-on for Microsoft Excel, designed to help you quickly remove duplicate columns and rows.

Basic interface

Remove Duplicates from Excel is an accessible and intuitive application, thanks to the easy to operate graphic user interface.

Although basic and simple, the program offers various operations related to Excel rows and columns duplicate removal.

Useful batch function

Remove Duplicates from Excel allows you to quickly add one or more columns or rows, which can be processed at once.

This function is extremely helpful when you need to remove multiple columns or rows. The alternative, doing the same process over and over for each item might be a little tedious.

After you select the columns or rows, they will be displayed in a list of selected items in the Remove Duplicates from Excel's interface.

You can easily remove or add rows and columns that you wish to be deleted from this list, in order to start the batch processing.

Various operations with duplicates

After you have selected the rows and columns that you wish to modify, you can open the Remove Duplicates from Excel window in order to access multiple operations.

You can choose to delete the columns and rows, or, in case you might have an use for them later, you can just hide them.

With Remove Duplicates from Excel, you can easily change the formatting of multiple rows or columns by changing the colors of the font and fill, or by choosing a different font.

The application displays a preview that enables you to take a glance at what the modified columns and rows will look like.

Practical add-on

Overall, Remove Duplicates from Excel is a handy add-on that allows you to quickly remove rows and columns from an Excel spreadsheet, eliminating the tedious process involving the deletion of each item in particular.

Remove Duplicates from Excel was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on March 22nd, 2014
Remove Duplicates from Excel - Before removing or clearing duplicate columns/rows, you need to select them manually.Remove Duplicates from Excel - You can quickly make a list of columns that you wish to delete, hide, remove, clear or change formatting, for batch processing.Remove Duplicates from Excel - You can change the formatting of the selected rows by editing the font and fill color, and also the font itself.