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A handy and easy to understand application suite that aims to offer you a text editor, a spreadsheet maker and a paint component

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SSuite Lemon Juice is an interesting and fairly simple to use software solution that is made up of three main components, aimed to assist you in writing and editing texts, spreadsheets or images.

Clean and neatly-organized interface

The utility features a start screen that enables you to double-click the tool you want to use in order to launch it, while in side-panel, you can view a list of the ‘Recent Word Documents’.

SSuite Lemon Juice allows you to work with SSuite Strawberry Express, SSuite Pineapple Express and EZPhoto Editor, depending on what you need to do.

Create or edit text documents, spreadsheets or pictures

Using the SSuite Strawberry Express, you can open RTF files which you can edit and customize in terms of font size and color, or alignment. You can insert pictures, date and time stamps, emotional icons or other special symbols. It even features a spell-checking section, where you can verify the accuracy of your writing against the terms from a dictionary.

The SSuite Pineapple Express tool enables you to design spreadsheet files in VTS format, to which you can include 2D and 3D charts and graphs, financial functions or patterns, as well as work with calculation formulae. The ‘AutoFill Lists’ function helps you create custom lists of items, or you can work with existing ones.

With the EZPhoto Editor, you can draw various new pictures using the provided instruments or open existing files and adjust their features, for instance the ‘Color Balance’, the ‘Brightness - Contrast Intensity’, the ‘Saturation and Hue’. You can also ‘Invert’, ‘Frame’, ‘Imboss’ or ‘Sharpen’ the image.

A user-friendly office suite

To conclude, SSuite Lemon Juice is a handy, albeit rather simplistic office suite that aims to function as an alternative to the more complex software out there, by offering you the essential tools for writing and editing text files or spreadsheets, as well as drawing various designs.

SSuite Lemon Juice was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 3rd, 2015
SSuite Lemon Juice - The main window of SSuite Lemon Juice functions as a start screen that lets you choose the tool you want to useSSuite Lemon Juice - The SSuite Strawberry Express component functions as a text editor that lets you create and modify RTF filesSSuite Lemon Juice - The SSuite Pineapple Express tool enables you to edit spreadsheets in VTS formatSSuite Lemon JuiceSSuite Lemon JuiceSSuite Lemon JuiceSSuite Lemon JuiceSSuite Lemon JuiceSSuite Lemon JuiceSSuite Lemon Juice