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A straightforward software utility that helps you create text documents, allowing you to insert tables, graphs, charts and pictures

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SSuite Office – WordGraph is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software designed to help you create and edit written documents, providing you with the ability to insert images and several other elements.

Simple-to-use environment

The program is fairly simple to install and handle, featuring a user-friendly and intuitive interface, with an extensive toolbar and multiple menus you can use. Also, it can work with multiple tabs, so you can switch back and forth between several open documents, copying and pasting fragments. However, you should know it is not particularly appealing, and thus, it might require a facelift.

Extensions you can use

WordGraph supports various formats, namely RTF, DOC, TXT, HRML, XML and others, so you can easily work with files produced by other similar applications. Additionally, files can be exported to PDF, BMP, PNG, EMF, TIFF or JPG formats.

When opening a one-page file, you can choose between multiple layouts, such as “Landscape,” “Portrait,” “A4,” “Letter,” “Legal” and others. In the case of documents containing numerous pages, you can preview them in the left side and click on specific one to open it.

Insert pictures, use rulers and add symbols

The main window of the utility features left and right rulers, enabling you to easily estimate the dimensions of the objects you insert, like pictures; you can even add an image from a scanning device or other capturing software.

SSuite Office – WordGraph features numerous fonts, as well as a wide array of special characters and symbols which you can insert in your documents. The tool includes the ability to choose the preferred alignment style, bullets, formatting styles (underline, italics, bold etc.), or insert the current date.

Check your spelling, save files as templates and search for an item

A spell checker is put at your disposal, as well as several emoticons, an equation builder and word counter, while it is also possible to use an integrated translation engine and add custom phrases to a list so that you can use them at a later date.

Last but not least, you can easily save items to a built-in document template library, use a search function, as well as a find and replace one.

Bottom line

To conclude, SSuite Office – WordGraph is a useful and easy-to-use application that allows you to create and modify documents with a minimum amount of effort. The computer’s performance is not going to be affected in any way, as the utility does not require many resources in order to fully function.

SSuite Office - WordGraph was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
SSuite Office - WordGraph - The main window of the application is very intuitive and allows you to create new text documents or open existing onesSSuite Office - WordGraph - From the File menu, you can export documents as PDF, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, EMF, SSP or JPG filesSSuite Office - WordGraph - By accessing the Edit menu, you can cut, copy and paste text, as well as find specific wordsSSuite Office - WordGraph - You can adjust your document's outline layout or preview your files before printing themSSuite Office - WordGraph - Symbols, pictures, emoticons, tables, equations, URLs, special characters and dates can be inserted into your documentSSuite Office - WordGraph - screenshot #6SSuite Office - WordGraph - screenshot #7SSuite Office - WordGraph - screenshot #8SSuite Office - WordGraph - screenshot #9