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This application was created to help you easily convert batches of PostScript files from PDF, EPS, PS, PRN or AI to another format

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Able PostScript Converter is a comprehensive tool that enables you to convert large series of PostScript file types to TIFF format, in a short time. The software allows you to simply load the supported file types into the waiting list, convert them and edit the output TIFF file.

Easily convert multiple PostScript files

Able PostScript Converter allows you to load several PostScript files, to the waiting list, whether they are located in one or more folders. You can easily add or remove documents from the list with the help of the command buttons.

You need to specify the target path, then select the desired options regarding the output files. You may choose the target color mode, from a list containing several configurations: 1-bit G4 fax, 1-bit LZW, 8-bit gray, 12-bit RGB, 24-bit RGB or 32-bit CMYK. Moreover, you may select the resolution of the resulting file, by choosing one of the available DPI values. The higher the value of the dots-per-inch indicator is, the better image quality you can obtain.

Batch conversion and editing of the output files

Able PostScript Converter can process the selected files in a short time, then open the TIFF documents in an integrated viewer. Not only can you open the output files, but you may also edit them, by changing the order of the pages (in case of a multi-page document), insert blank pages or add new pictures to the existing file.

The input PostScript file formats supported by Able PostScript Converter include PS, EPS, PDF, AI and PRN. The output format is fixed to TIFF. You may easily view the converted file or files, right after processing with the TIFF viewer/editor offered by Able PostScript Converter.

Efficient tool for handling PostScript files

With Able PostScript Converter, you can convert batches of PostScript files to TIFF format, in a short time. All the supported files are quickly processed, regardless of their format, and can be viewed, immediately after the conversion. Able PostScript Converter can thus help you acquire high quality TIFF files, from PostScript documents and easily edit them, by inserting new pages, pictures or text images.

Able PostScript Converter was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 22nd, 2014
Able PostScript Converter - Able PostScript Converter is a simple to use application designed to re-encode a series of file formats to TIFF type.Able PostScript Converter - You may load several files, of the supported formats, to the working area, then let the software batch convert them.Able PostScript Converter - The software allows you to select between several color modes, as well as choose the desired resolution of the output.

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