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A lightweight and practical software solution that you can use to effortlessly split a file into multiple pieces in a simple manner

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File Splitter is a little utility designed to help you get a better handle on the files on your computer when it comes to how they are distributed.

With it you are able to divide a TXT or CSV file into multiple pieces. The split can be done in consideration to the file size or number of records.

This means that if you have a TXT file and want to split it into pieces, you can enter the number of records that you want each new file to have. If for example you want to separate a text file into records of 1, then the application extracts each paragraph from that file and places it into a new document. Keep in mind that File Splitter recognizes an empty line as a record so you will get a considerable amount of blank files if the text is large.

File Splitter displays a more than comprehensive interface which makes it a cinch to use regardless of your computer skills. The files you want to split can be added to the application using simple drag and drop actions and the new pieces sent to a custom folder.

For a successful result, File Splitter offers you the possibility to auto detect the encoding for the source file but if you want to, you can choose from methods such as ASMO-708, DOS-720, EUC-CN, EUC-JP, GB18030, IBM01141 and many others.

If the folder that contains the original file is already full of documents, it’s best you choose a new destination for the pieces that are about to be created. The application doesn’t create a new folder in which to store the new files, but it does rename each one using the original name followed by a sequence of numbers.

To sum things up, File Splitter is by all means a very practical and useful application that you can use to separate your files if you want to extract pieces of information, or make them easier to send via email and other transfer means.

File Splitter was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 6th, 2014
File Splitter - File Splitter displays a comprehensive interface and enables you to separate a file type into multiple pieces.File Splitter - Before splitting the file, you can choose from encoding types such as ASMO, EUC-CN and IBM.

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