AutoDoc HSE 1.622c

Print to PDF, print to fax, print to email, print to SMS, print archive, contextually
AutoDoc HSE streamlines your document delivery and document management processes toward a paperless office.

AutoDoc HSE installs a virtual printer on a single computer, or on a server (which can then be shared as a network printer to client machines). Printing to this printer results in the print job being handled in an "intelligently" contextual manner.

For example, if you print an Account Statement run from your third party accounting software for all your customers, to the AutoDoc HSE printer, AutoDoc HSE can email the statements to those customers who prefer emails, fax them to those who prefer fax, print hard copies for those who prefer a mail out, and even send an SMS message to alert your customers that a statement is on its way. Electronic archive copies of the statements can also be stored in pre-configured locations.

The emails and faxes can also include, automatically, context-sensitive information. So, for example, the subject heading of the email to your customer Peter Zhou, could be "Account Statement for Peter Zhou from {your company name}".

Similarly, the email body can include text from the statement itself, as well as user-specific information (such as contact details) about the user who generated the statement run.

In addition, you will be able to use AutoDoc HSE as a PDF converter, supplying the ability to 'scan' pictures from a peripheral device, like a digital camera, to PDF.

Main features:

  • Intelligently contextual delivery – e.g. Invoices are processed under the predefined, user-defined configuration for invoices, while Monthly Statements are processed under the Monthly Statements configuration.
  • Document content can be incorporated into deliveries – e.g. an invoice for $2200, for your customer ABC Automotive, can be emailed (via print to email) to the customer with a subject heading “Invoice for $2200 from {Your Company} to ABC Automotive”. This is achieved by the use of 'variables', which are defined based on font colour of text, or on the location of text on the page.
  • User profiles – allows document deliveries to be handled and tracked on a per-user basis. User information (such as a phone number) can also be used to personalise document deliveries (e.g. an email signature with “Please don’t hesitate to contact me on {phone number} if you have any queries.”
  • Multiple forms – allows different delivery methods (print to fax, print to PDF, print to archive, print to email, print to SMS) and options to be preconfigured to achieve intelligently contextual delivery.
  • Optional configuration of letterheads/watermarks/overlays to be added to deliveries. Letterheads can be defined differently for different pages in the same delivery
  • Multiple delivery methods and options supported:
  • Email:
  • MAPI or SMTP (AutoDoc HSE includes its own email client)
  • SSL supported
  • Configurable email options
  • CC and BCC to other AutoDoc HSE users
  • Request read receipt
  • HTML or plain text
  • MAPI - send immediately or pop up a 'ready to send' notice
  • Document being delivered can be included in multiple formats (e.g. PDF, Microsoft Excel®, Text, XML)
  • Can include extra attachments (additional to the original document)
  • Email fields (e.g. subject heading, message body) can include user info and document-specific info
  • Fax:
  • Supports Streamline's MessageSaver gateway internet fax service, Microsoft Fax® and ActiveFax® fax software and fax server software
  • Can include user-defined coverpages (dependent on fax service used)
  • Includes timing and priority options (dependent on fax service used)
  • Fax fields (e.g. subject heading) can include user info and document-specific info (dependent on fax service used)
  • Can include extra documents in the fax transmission
  • Print:
  • Send to multiple printers
  • Paper-saving option to only print hard copies of pages that aren’t otherwise delivered outside the organization
  • Ability to process RAW data from non Windows sources such as DOS, Linux and AS/400
  • Four user-definable printers of choice for each user
  • Archive:
  • Electronic document storage with PDF or XML file formats
  • Configurable archive path can include system info (e.g. date), user info, and document-specific info for intelligently contextual document archive delivery
  • Configurable overwrite/append options
  • Can be configured to run an application/batch process after archiving (e.g. GoldMine® software)
  • Up to 4 separate Archive paths
  • SMS message
  • SMS Support with Streamline MessageSaver SMS gateway service and third party providers
  • Support for multi-language deliveries at a form level
  • Configurable PDF options (e.g. document properties, security, quality, support for third party digital signatures) for emails and archive files
  • Simple deployment - single installation only
  • Client Side application can be installed to enable extra functions for network users:
  • Client Log:
  • Users can view their own print jobs submitted to AutoDoc HSE Printers
  • High level of detail available showing what form and processing rules were applied to the document
  • Ability to 'drill down' into previous jobs, viewing Emails, Faxes and Archives
  • View documents that require attention or have failed processing rules
  • Transaction counters showing the total number of each type of message delivered
  • Client PDF Printer Function
  • Network users can have their own PDF Converter to generate industry standard PDF files with 'Print to PDF' functionality
  • Ability to add up to three letterheads to the printer trays giving pre-printed stationery support
  • Output tray function to combine PDFs
  • "Scan" images to PDF, from local image files or from devices (e.g. digital camera)
  • Multi-threading support to the AutoDoc HSE printer, and from the AutoDoc HSE printer to destination printers, to speed processing.
  • Ability to create multiple AutoDoc HSE printers to increase processing capacity.
  • Terminal Server (RDP) support.

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June 18th, 2014, 19:54 GMT
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Streamline Software Pty Ltd
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Windows 2K / XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 2003 / 2008 / 2008 64 bit / NT
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