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A powerful virtual printer with a large variety of configurations to send out documents via email, physical printer, SMS, Fax and more

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An office environment or business with a large number of employees relies on a solid communication system and quick distribution of important documentation. With available methods ranging from SMS messages to emails and plain documents printed out on sheets of paper, applications like AutoDoc HSE provide a quick and efficient means to spread them out to individuals via methods commonly used or preferred.

Install and share a virtual printer with your network

The application is mostly a virtual printer that only needs to be deployed on a single computer or server, with the possibility to have it shared throughout your network. Although configurations might seem like fun and games, you need to pay attention every step of the way, with a breathtaking amount of options at your disposal.

Various configurable output options

Once launched, the main window lets you go through each step, storing all of them in tabs for easy identification. You don't need to configure all output options, since you might not need to simultaneously use PDF, email, SMS, Fax, print jobs or databases. In case you do, some time needs to be spent, but it is only a one time task, with the application remembering options and automatically handling all tasks once you print a document through the virtual device.

Each method can thoroughly be configured, with options for quality of output PDF documents, SMTP settings for emails, network providers and phone numbers for SMS messages, as well as the possibility to automatically have backups created in case unexpected events occur.

Keep track of user activities

What's more, you can set up multiple user accounts either running on one computer or gather up credentials from multiple machines connected to your network. This comes in handy as each user sends out print tasks, with all actions being monitored and stored in a custom folder. Moreover, the log file can easily be analyzed through the main window, with text content being displayed and filtered with the help of options like color detection or location in a document.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that AutoDoc HSE is a powerful office assistant that comes equipped with the proper means to enhance workflow. Although it can take some time to configure, it only needs to be done once by the network administrator, granting the privileges to all network users and employees to use the dedicated virtual printer to send documents via multiple methods.

AutoDoc HSE was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 16th, 2015
AutoDoc HSE - The Home window provides information about the overall activity of the program.AutoDoc HSE - The General tab allows you to change the default character set and the administrator email address.AutoDoc HSE - You can manage users and fill in their contact information from the Users window.AutoDoc HSEAutoDoc HSEAutoDoc HSEAutoDoc HSEAutoDoc HSEAutoDoc HSEAutoDoc HSEAutoDoc HSE