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This simple and user-friendly application allows you to learn the full address of multiple geographical locations, based on a few details

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Batch Postcode is a lightweight and intuitive piece of software whose main purpose is to help you quickly complete one or more partial addresses with information from the Internet.

Clear-cut and straightforward looks

After the installation process, it places a shortcut on your desktop, allowing you to launching in just a few moves. It is however recommended that you use your administrator privileges, for a better experience.

The main window of Batch Postcode is quite easy to understand, providing you with the ability to select which function you want to use from the 'Features' menu, between 'Batch Code Import’, ‘Single Address / Postcode Check’ or ‘Multiple Address / Postcode Check’.

Swiftly obtain full addresses from postcodes or street names

The 'Batch Code Import' component enables you to choose an Excel file comprising all the addresses that you need to fill in. The file can be read even if you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your system.

However, it is advisable that the XLS observe a precise format, with at least six columns, three of which are mandatory, specifically 'Property No', 'Property Street Name' and 'City'. The other columns, 'ID/Ref', 'Area' and 'Country' are optional and can be disabled from the program's 'Preferences' section.

After loading the source Excel document, you can choose which addresses you want to process by clicking on the 'Select All in Table' button, then press on 'Complete Selected Addresses Only'.

Nonetheless, you can also enter a street name or postcode manually into the ‘Single Address / Postcode Check’ window and use one of the retrieved results for further work. The ‘Multiple Address / Postcode Check’ enables you to work with several fields in one go, by entering the bit of information that you know and obtaining the rest automatically from the web.

A useful address completion instrument

To summarize, Batch Postcode is a user-friendly application that can help you quickly generate full addresses, along with postal codes and geographical coordinates, in just a few moves of your mouse, requiring a minimal level of effort from you.

Batch Postcode was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 19th, 2014
Batch Postcode - The main window of Batch Postcode allows you to load an Excel file or manually type the addresses you want to work withBatch Postcode - In the MAP window of the program, you can view the geographical location of a selected addressBatch Postcode - The dedicated window enables you to learn a full address based on a few detailsBatch PostcodeBatch PostcodeBatch PostcodeBatch PostcodeBatch PostcodeBatch Postcode

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