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A simple application comprising several small tools, that allows you to grab and edit screenshots, magnify areas on your screen or identify certain colors

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BeforeOffice Snap is a useful and efficient software solution featuring several components designed to make your work on the computer easier, for instance a 'Color Picker', a 'Palette', a 'Measure' tool and a 'Magnifier'.

Following an uneventful installation process, the utility launches automatically minimized in the notification area and you can access it by clicking on its icon, which will reveal the menu containing all its options and tools.

The 'Snap' function is the main feature of the application, allowing you to capture screenshots of any area on your desktop. Additionally, it offers the ability to create custom hotkeys, in order to grab snapshots with the least amount of effort possible.

BeforeOffice Snap enables you to apply a preferred logo onto the surface of the picture you take, while also providing you with several basic editing functions, like 'Add Text', 'Add Rectangle', 'Add Arrow', 'Add Frame' and others.

Moreover, the 'Frame' option allows you to capture a screenshot focusing on the edges of a window or object, while the 'Frame + Logo' selection combines the previous tool with the ability to apply a watermark on a grabbed image.

Other functions offered by this program include a 'Magnifier' which has the ability to enhance the resolution of a specific area on your screen to a user-defined level, helpful especially when you want to view in full detail a certain element. The 'Goniometer' lets you precisely measure certain angles on your screen, which can prove quite handy for graphics designers, while the 'Whiteboard' component assists you in drawing or writing anything you want on your screen and saving the results to your PC.

Aside from a few stability issues that BeforeOffice Snap sometimes encounters, the utility is quite user-friendly and simple to work with, allowing you to perform a variety of operations with just a few mouse movements.

BeforeOffice Snap was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 11th, 2014
BeforeOffice Snap - BeforeOffice Snap is a simple tool that runs minimized in the notification area for ease of accessBeforeOffice Snap - The Color Picker component enables users to quickly learn the RGB value of a specific color on their screenBeforeOffice Snap - screenshot #3BeforeOffice Snap - screenshot #4BeforeOffice Snap - screenshot #5BeforeOffice Snap - screenshot #6BeforeOffice Snap - screenshot #7BeforeOffice Snap - screenshot #8BeforeOffice Snap - The application features a screenshot grabbing tool that allows you to capture any area on your screen

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