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A simple, practical and easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet that allows you to organize your payments and manage your holidays effortlessly

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Bill Payment Organizer is a simple and useful Excel spreadsheet worth having when you need to manage and organize all your bill payments for the current week.

Bill Payment Organizer consists of two worksheets namely ‘Weekly’ and ‘Bill Payment and Holidays’. The first worksheet enables you to type all your bills and choose or type their due dates. You can also add specific details to each bill, choose the type of payment such as credit card and specify the amount of money you need to pay.

Once you have finished entering all of your bill payments and other related data, you can navigate to the second worksheet to see how the calendar displays all your due dates and payments in a week period. It also calculates the sum of your bills amount so you can view the totals organized by week or by day.

Firstly, you need to type the start date reference, then slide right or left to customize the entire sheet. You are able to add details about each bill payment, set the fixed date and choose the type of payments.

Also, Bill Payment Organizer comes with a useful calendar that marks all the national days and Sundays with red. You can also add new dates and holidays in the first worksheet, however you need to be aware that the spreadsheet recognizes only the US holidays.

Still, a downside of this Excel spreadsheet is that it allows you to manage your bill payments only for a week. In case you want to get reminded about payments for one full month, you must print the spreadsheet four times with four different week periods.

Overall, Bill Payment Organizer is a reliable solution when it comes to organizing weekly payments and managing national holidays effortlessly.

Bill Payment Organizer was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on December 10th, 2013
Bill Payment Organizer - Bill Payment Organizer is an Excel template that allows you to organize your bill payments.Bill Payment Organizer - This spreadsheet allows you to add the weekly payment you make with your credit cards.

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