CAM Template Editor

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Create, design, manage and export XML templates using this comprehensive application with rules, validation tools, interactive documentation, and more

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CAM Template Editor is a powerful and approachable tool that lets advanced users create and manage XML templates. It's free and open-source.

After a brief setup procedure that doesn't require special attention, you are welcomed by a large window with a well-organized layout, representing CAM Template Editor's interface.

Create new templates and structures

A new template can be created from scratch or from XML, XSD or JSOn code. The file must be saved before working with it (CAM or CXF format).

It's possible to indicate new structures by providing an XML file or the root element name for your new XML, edit and fix code, add constraints related to an item in the structure and specify rules, change annotations, as well as to point out child elements or attributes.

Export the template to various formats and configure app settings

The source code can be viewed in a separate window and exported to file. It's also possible to check out tabular and interactive documentation, browse lookup lists, and view the template as a mind map. The project can be exported to various formats, such as CXF, XSD schema or model. Plus, you can export the template pick list, compressed template, or XML documentation.

CAM Template Editor provides you with tools for evaluating and compiling templates, managing dictionaries, database connections and external code lists, expanding and renaming templates, and more. You can also customize the editor structure colors, set the details level of the mind map, as well as make the tool run in the background and show the heap status.

Evaluation and conclusion

The tool didn't put a strain on the PC's performance in our testing, using low CPU and RAM. On the other hand, it popped up a couple of errors while we were tinkering with the preferences. Nevertheless, you can test CAM Template Editor for yourself to find out if it meets your requirements when it comes to creating, designing and exporting XML templates.

CAM Template Editor was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on June 11th, 2015
CAM Template Editor - The main window of the application allows you to access all the program's functions.CAM Template Editor - This is how you can refresh your view or add a new child element from this menu.CAM Template Editor - This is how you can use the included File menu in order to export a template in the CXF format.CAM Template EditorCAM Template EditorCAM Template EditorCAM Template EditorCAM Template EditorCAM Template EditorCAM Template EditorCAM Template Editor