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This simple application functions as a file converter for CSV documents comprising bank or credit card information, exporting them to OFX format

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CSV2OFX Converter is an easy to use and efficient piece of software which is addressed mainly to individuals who work with large amounts of bank statements, credit card information and other similar documents listing financial transactions in CSV format.

Following a brief and uneventful installation operation, you can begin working with the application in just a few moves of your mouse. The interface of CSV2OFX Converter is fairly approachable, making it easy to handle for anyone who needs to work with such tools.

From the 'File' menu, you have the option of opening the CSV document that you want to work with, either to preview its contents in a separate window, or to convert it to OFX.

However, before proceeding to the conversion, you should first select the preferred date format from the 'Settings' menu, as the default configuration uses the 'Month-Day' format.

At the same time, the utility recommends that you input your 'Destination Account Info', enabling you to select the 'Account Type', the 'Bank Routing Number' and the 'Account Number in Destination'.

Afterward, you can select the source CSV and it will instantly be analyzed and processed by CSV2OFX Converter, without you having to push another button, creating the OFX file in just moments.

The exported document is saved under the same name as the source file and in the same location. Through the Graphical User Interface, CSV2OFX Converter is not able to work in batch mode, yet because it can work in command line, you have the option of processing multiple files in CMD, with just a few button presses.

CSV2OFX Converter is a user-friendly tool that can prove quite handy in converting your CSV bank statements or other financial documents to OFX format, allowing you to work with them however you need, without having to resort to complex and heavy programs to obtain your files.

CSV2OFX Converter was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 22nd, 2014
CSV2OFX Converter - The main window of CSV2OFX Converter allows you to quickly load and convert the targeted CSV fileCSV2OFX Converter - From the File menu, you can preview the contents of a CSV document or open it for conversionCSV2OFX Converter - The Settings menu enables you to choose the preferred read and write date formatsCSV2OFX Converter - screenshot #4

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