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Displays all of the characters for a selected font

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Character Map is a very simple freeware Windows app designed to show all characters of a specific font package, while also providing a few other tools to quickly copy and paste some items.

You may find the interface a bit annoying because it cannot be resized, but Character Map does show all characters of an installed font, giving you the power to instantly copy and paste any of them in an opened text document.

Obviously, the main window lets you select the font package you wish to verify, but also the font size, with two simple options to include font information and enable HTML translation.

All characters are grouped into a single window, so it's easy to find the item you're looking for but, again, the fact that you're not allowed to resize the window is a major setback.

The “Copy&Paste” menu can copy the selected character, or unicode female and male symbols, while also offering dedicated options for date, time, numbers, weekdays and months.

An “Options” menu is also available and comprises settings to change hotkeys and macros, but also to toggle window size, which is actually the only way to resize the main window and thus make it a bit easier to use. You can also install new fonts or sort the existing ones and access only TrueType items.

It's no surprise that Character Map works without a flaw on all Windows versions, running on low resources and without affecting the overall performance of the computer.

All in all, Character Map is a nice piece of software, but it still needs a lot of improvements to become a powerful application. The good thing is that it's free and relies on an intuitive interface.

Character Map was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 21st, 2012
Character Map - The application resides in the system tray and displays the character map of a certain font.Character Map - You can use this menu to paste useful elements such as the date, the weekdays or the months in a different application.Character Map - The program can be started with Windows and can be configured to translate a special character into the HTML equivalent.

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