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A reliable Microsoft Office add-in designed to help you insert restrictive or secret classification tags to the files that contain sensitive information






ClassifyIT is a add-in module for Microsoft Outlook that will help you easily manage your messages.

The extension allows you to modify Word documents and Outlook emails, by adding a classification tag to them, thus marking them restricted or secret for unauthorized viewers.

ClassifyIT should be used in all computer systems that have the requirement to handle and control different levels of classified or sensitive information. To ensure the proper handling and dissemination of such classified or sensitive information it is key to mark and label the document, containing the information, with an appropriate classification marking.

Such markings could be legally required in governmental or supranational computer systems, or business required by a company or consortium.

Beside a classification ClassifyIT supports useful caveats to clearly mark the approved dissemination of an email or document, a translation feature and additional caveats.
Last updated on April 28th, 2014
ClassifyIT - ClassifyIT is an add-in for Word and Outlook and allows you to insert a header marking the file restricted to certain users.ClassifyIT - You can mark the file as open, secret or restricted to the management, the human resources department or the entire company.ClassifyIT - You can use the quick select tool that allows you to add the preset headers without opening the dedicated window.

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