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A reliable Microsoft Office add-in that enables you to insert preset message templates to the documents or tables, and quickly create personalized messages

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Report Writer - Comment Bank is a simple to use Microsoft Office add-in designed to help you to quickly create reports, statements, recommendations or other notes. The add-in allows you to store a multitude of message templates in a database. You need to simply select them from the database, then insert them in the current document.

Reliable Office tool

Report Writer - Comment Bank works with multiple software from the Microsoft Office bundle, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access or Outlook. Once installed, it creates a dedicated button on the command ribbon, in order to help you easily access it.

The add-in allows you to store a multitude of message templates, as well as create an extensive list of adjoining words, in a local database. Therefore, when required, you simply have to insert the text or words in the current document, then replace the blank spaces with the desired name or title.

The statement bank close at hand

The database that stores the message templates can easily be modified, by adding more topics, adjoining words or statement templates. Each template can be sorted into a certain category, for quick identification. Moreover, each comment bank can be edited at any time.

The adjoining words are common phrases, such as pronouns, connectors, as well as the sharp symbol, used to replace names or titles. The presence of the specified character determines the add-in to automatically fill in the desired name. Also, you can select the gender of the person you are referring to when writing a certain report, in order to modify the pronoun template.

Use Report Writer - Comment Bank with Microsoft Office applications

The add-in is suitable for each application from the Microsoft Office Bundle and allows you to create specific templates for every type of situation. You may easily rename the categories in order to find the statements quicker. The add-in allows you to insert the desired piece of text at the current position of the cursor, within the document. Thus, creating standard reports, recommendations, statements or comments can be done within Word, Excel, PowePoint, Access and Outlook, with a few simple clicks.

Report Writer - Comment Bank was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
Report Writer - Comment Bank - Report Writer - Comment Bank is a Microsoft Office add-in that enables you to easily insert comments into documents.Report Writer - Comment Bank - The add-in allows you to create message templates that you can use in notes, recommendations or other personalized files.Report Writer - Comment Bank - The add-in works with Microsoft Office software, including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint or FrontPage.Report Writer - Comment Bank - screenshot #4Report Writer - Comment Bank - screenshot #5Report Writer - Comment Bank - screenshot #6