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A groupware server application that can act as your virtual office on the Internet, and enables you to send emails, check your calendar or schedule events






Conflux Professional is a comprehensive and reliable groupware server that enables you to handle office operations over the Internet. Sending emails, scheduling appointments, managing clients databases or sharing files with other users are easily performed with this 100% Web-based application.

Conflux Professional features a simple and neat looking HTML based interface, that eases your access to the email service, contacts list, calendar or document management tab. Moreover, the application ensures automatic file encryption, before transferring, by applying the 128-bit SSL encoding algorithm.

You may create various associations between the items stored on Conflux, through the relation management service. Thus, relations of hierarchy or group based access can be set up and controlled in the administration tab.

The application enables you to set up email accounts, with support for POP3 and IMAP types, attaching files from the local computer folders or from the cloud storage. Additionally, the email account can be organized in custom created folders and features a searching engine.

You may also manage contacts, centralize client data or sales details, as well as updated sales rates and statistics. Mass messages, campaigns or newsletters can be sent to email contacts.

Aside from email services, you may set tasks and workflows, that you can share with your colleagues or assign to co-workers. Automatic reminders and email notification can be enabled, in order to keep your team members up to date. Additionally, each task may be approached into serial or parallel workflows, due to the ability of data synchronization.

Moreover, you have access to setting up one-time or recurrent appointments, events and tasks, then share your calendar with other users. You can zoom in or out on the calendar, in order to view daily, weekly or monthly scheduled activities.

The document management section is also an important feature of Conflux Professional, since it can offer you a secure centralized document storage space, which is accessible to all the users. Given the proper clearance, any user may browse, search, view or append the available files. The application also features built-in text indexing support for Word, PDF, HTML or RTF documents.
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
Conflux Professional - You may customize several options, regarding the database settings, the email editor and number of supported contacts for mass messages.Conflux Professional - You can easily access the documents manager, pending tasks or sales opportunities from the general menu.Conflux Professional - Each workflow can be named after the afferent project, and sorted by due date, number of tasks or name of the initiator.

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