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An intuitive add-in for Word that enables you to create instant file backups or to automate the process of generating copies for documents

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CreateBackup AddIn for Word is a reliable office assistant, that enables you to automate the process of generating file duplicates, thus protecting your work from damage or disaster. The add-in allows you to set a backup creating schedule or duplicate your file instantly.

Reliable Word assistant

Due to the fact that CreateBackup AddIn for Word is designed to work with Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013, it can only support DOCX files. You may easily install it, then access its functions from the dedicated menu, or click on the shortcut in the Home tab.

The add-in offers you two methods of creating backups for files. You may generate them manually, at any time you wish, or set a recurring schedule for automatic backups. This way, you can focus on writing and be assured that Word saves a copy of your file at regular time intervals.

A tool that allows you to protect your work

When writing a thesis or another important document, losing your work due to disk damage, formatting or power being cut out, can be a real problem. While you cannot always anticipate a hardware disaster, you may use CreateBackup AddIn for Word in order to secure your work.

You may automate the process of creating backups, at regular time intervals, and set the destination folder. Thus, the add-in offers you an alternative to the stress of saving and backing up important data. You may schedule automatic backups every 1 to 1440 minutes.

Additionally, you may set a limit of backup files per each Word document, in order to save hard disk space. Thus, the add-in can still create file duplicates, except it overwrites the oldest backup file.


CreateBackup AddIn for Word is a useful tool that can help you in writing a thesis, a research paper, or another important document that requires a large amount of time to finish. You may use it in order to automate the creation of backup files, thus protecting your work against disaster. Simply set a recurring schedule and a destination folder, then let the add-in create automatic backups as you work.

CreateBackup AddIn for Word was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 5th, 2014
CreateBackup AddIn for Word - CreateBackup AddIn for Word enables you to automate the process of creating backups for important Word documents.CreateBackup AddIn for Word - You may specify a subfolder name where the output files are to be saved and set the time interval for creating new backups.