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An application that displays a list of directories and subdirectories and allows you to print their filename, date of creation and description

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New files and directories are added every day on your drive and it is hard to keep track of them all, especially when you are sharing the computer with other people.

Sometimes, the purpose and content of many folders are forgotten in the absence of clear guidelines and descriptions, making the task of handling them a real nightmare.

Sort and print directory lists

DIRlist offers a solution for situations like this, by allowing you to sort and print a list of all the files and folders in a directory, along with a description for each one.

Before putting the list on paper, you have the option to sort the items based on a variety of attributes, including filename, creation date or size. The selected sorting column appears in bold text and you can reverse the order by clicking on it two times.

Add descriptions to each directory

The whole purpose of printing a file list is to have an overview on their functions within the system, but not all of them have a self-explanatory name. For those kind of situations, DIRlist enables you to add short descriptions next to the desired item, in which to explain their content and the role they play.

You cannot apply any type of formatting to the description text, but since it is only used as a way to relay short messages, there is no need to embellish it.

In conclusion

The fact that DIRlist delivers an explorer-like interface, which allows you to open and run the selected files in their native applications, gives it a big bonus when it comes to the user-friendly interface. The addition of portrait and landscape printing modes is also a nice feature to offer.

All in all, even if sometimes the application presents some functionality bugs like disappearing attribute fields, DIRlist does its job efficiently and without too much hassle.

DIRlist was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on May 10th, 2014
DIRlist - The application displays a list of directories and allows you to take and print a snapshot of them.

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