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A simple utility designed to work as a text to speech tool that can easily read the text you enter, while allowing you to adjust its pronunciation speed

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DSpeech is a text to speech application that reads the text you input, with various configuration settings to help it serve its purpose.

Obviously, you don't need a complex interface for such a program, so DSpeech boasts a rather simple look that perfectly allows you to experience all built-in features.

The main window for instance lets you configure most critical parameters, be they those concerning the voice or the way it reads the text you write in a dedicated field.

Besides the fact that you can select the voice, you're also allowed to set up sound quality and the hardware you wish to use for recording, with a separate tool to save the output as MP3 or WAV.

Although this isn't quite necessary, DSpeech integrates a font selector as well, but also a so-called “Commands” panel for speaking the written text. You can pause and speak from cursor, but also speak previous, current or next line.

The good thing is that DSpeech gives you the power to adjust the voice from the get go, thanks to three sliders placed in the main window aimed at setting up volume, speed and pitch.

Shortcut support is also included, which means you can switch voices, adjust volume or speak the written text just by pressing a pre-defined key combination.

Obviously, you don't need a super fast system to use DSpeech and the app seems to work without a flaw on all Windows iterations.

Overall, DSpeech does its job very well and requires only minimum configuration to serve its purpose. Clearly aimed at all types of users, be they beginners or more experienced.

DSpeech was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 17th, 2015
DSpeech - DSpeech will provide users with a simple utility designed to work as a text to speech tool that can easily read the text you enterDSpeech - The File menu will help you quickly and easily append, batch convert to text files MP3 or save audio filesDSpeech - Users will be able to access options such as apply conversion table or select best audio format / voice within the Edit menuDSpeech - screenshot #4DSpeech - screenshot #5DSpeech - screenshot #6DSpeech - screenshot #7DSpeech - screenshot #8

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