DTM Data Generator for Excel

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You can use this efficient and reliable application to create Excel workbooks intended for testing operations, in a preferred structure

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DTM Data Generator for Excel is a user-friendly and straightforward piece of software developed to offer Quality Assurance engineers, programmers and other professionals in the field with a proper tool for creating customized XLS files intended for testing operations.

Simple and intuitive looks

The user interface features a clean and easy to handle appearance, making prior experience with similar tools more of an advantage rather than a necessity.

DTM Data Generator for Excel’s main window lets users lay down the basis of their XLS file by designing its structure or importing it from a pre-existing file, then deciding on the output name and storage location.

Customize the structure and contents of testing-intended XLS

The program enables users to ‘Import Structure’ for their Excel document from TXT or CSV file (other formats are supported as well), after which they can proceed with deciding the ‘Generator’ for each column, from the dedicated menu.

Users can select from a wide array of alternatives, for instance ‘Random Date’, ‘Month’, ‘Database Table’, ‘Full Name’, ‘Phone’, ‘E-mail, ‘Address’, ‘State’, ‘ZIP Code’, ‘Company’, ‘Department’, ‘Website’, ‘IP Address’ and several others; each option can be customized in terms of pattern, so they can decide to a certain extent the contents of the document.

The project can be saved to DGXP format and used on a different occasion, for further work. To export the XLS file, users can press the ‘Run’ button, saving it to the previously established location. Optionally, they can even setup a database connection by entering the proper details, allowing them afterward to access the SQL console to carry on with the testing process.

A useful XLS builder

All in all, DTM Data Generator for Excel proves to be an efficient and reliable application that can successfully assist users to creating Excel documents in a preferred structure, meant to simplify testing procedures.

DTM Data Generator for Excel was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on November 28th, 2014
DTM Data Generator for Excel - The main window of DTM Data Generator for Excel allows you to define the data columns or import the structureDTM Data Generator for Excel - From the Generator menu, you can select the option that best applies to your data columnDTM Data Generator for Excel - The File menu of the application enables you to save the current project or start a new one from scratchDTM Data Generator for ExcelDTM Data Generator for ExcelDTM Data Generator for Excel