Data Desk/XL2

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A statistics add-in that complements Excel's standard statistics capabilities




Data Desk/XL program provides all the plots, tables, tests and statistics one would expect in a standard statistics software package. It can be used effectively for analyzing real-world data and as a supplement to an introductory statistics course.

All results are two to three mouse clicks away. Just select the columns you want to analyze, choose the desired command from the DDXL menu in your Excel menu bar, assign the variables in the dialog box and click the OK button.

Each command includes a panel that offers guidance for working with the particular analysis and interpreting the result.

All Data Desk/XL computations are based on algorithms that have been used and validated with real data for over 15 years.

You can be sure that Data Desk/XL will always use generally accepted statistical computing practices, especially for datasets that have missing cells or that mix numbers and text in the same column. Plus, Data Desk/XL is very easy to use.


■ Excel 2000 or later.


■ 15 days trial
Last updated on May 9th, 2008

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