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An analytical tool for checking Microsoft Word and Excel documents in order to detect the presence of sensitive information in the files' metadata

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Document Trace Remover is a comprehensive, yet simple to use application, capable of analyzing Microsoft Word and Excel documents, for private information disclosed in the files’ tags. The software can read the documents’ metadata and identify built-in data, such as creation time, as well as custom properties.

The metadata stored in documents and spreadsheets

Certain information such as author’s name, title of the document, company, length or date created are automatically generated and stored in the files’ tags. This stamp can be the only evidence that links a certain person to the work, proving their copyrights, but at the same time it can make a person or company liable.

This is why Document Trace Remover can remove or replace the sensitive data contained in the document. The software can easily extract a file’s metadata and allows you to modify or erase it. Document Trace Remover features two main functions, analyzing the input, displaying the data and modifying the information fields.

The quick and comprehensive file analysis

Document Trace Remover supports Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, created with all editions of Microsoft Office, meaning both DOC, XLS and DOCX, XLSX. The software can easily analyze the input files and display the detected built-it or custom properties. Moreover, you can load the files one by one and analyze them individually, for a more detailed report.

Alternatively, you can load an entire folder, let the software identify the supported files and batch analyze the lot. The detected information is displayed in the box below the tabs, pending the file examination. Additionally, the software displays the fields and information you may alter, such as user name or company. Leaving the fields blank erases the data from the files, but you may also enter custom information.

Hide personal information from public files

Document Trace Remover is useful since it can remove sensitive information about the author or owner company of a specific file. You may decide what data you wish to remove or replace, then let the application process the files. Document Trace Remover supports both individual documents and batches of files, being capable of processing them in a short time.

Document Trace Remover was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on September 4th, 2014
Document Trace Remover [DISCOUNT: 65% OFF!] - Document Trace Remover is a simple to use application that enables you to clear away metadata from DOC and XLS files.Document Trace Remover [DISCOUNT: 65% OFF!] - The software can detect built-in information and custom properties, such as author or company, that you can remove.Document Trace Remover [DISCOUNT: 65% OFF!] - The software supports analyzing a single file or a batch of Word and Excel documents, then displaying the results.