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An English to Marathi typing software

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With the current level technology has reached it is possible for everyone to be understood regardless of their mother language. You just need Internet access. There are, however situations in which the Internet is either not available or runs at a disappointingly slow rate. For such problems there comes in handy an application such as English2Marathi Character Convertor.

Easy does it

It does not get any easier than this. With all the characters on screen and two columns, one for English, and one for Marathi, you are ready to input your text without wasting time on setting anything else, just write your text in one column and it is generated in real time in the other column. Just below the toolbar you will find groups of letters that help you identify text. Almost every letter is part of a group and as the upper panel is not enough to contain all of them, as soon as you enter a letter, all groups containing that letter will show up, making you progress faster if you find yourself stuck in a challenging situation.

Work and learn

If the operating system you are running on does not cover Marathi, then you have found a cure. It gets a little confusing if you want to directly write in a text document, as you must first input your text in the application for it to be converted into characters. E2M Character Convertor can also be used for other purposes than just work related. Education is one of them, since it shows you all the groups of letters needed for accurate writing, and those with visual memory might also remember the aspect of the letters in case handwriting is needed.

To end with

Be it for work purposes, education, or you simply want to make your text look a little different, E2M Character Convertor is just the tool you need.

E2M Character Convertor was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on March 24th, 2014
E2M Character Convertor - E2M Character Convertor will help you type letters or any other documents in Marathi using your computer

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