EKBangla To Bijoy ANSI Series Converter2.0

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A lightweight, yet handy application that allows users to easily convert the “EKBANG18” text font to the “Bijoy Classic” ANSI one

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When handling documents, it is important to have a document editor that supports all fonts and text formats. Sadly, that would require a lot of disk memory. It is recommended to use applications that can convert exotic or unusual formats to ANSI-compatible ones, which is supported by most text editors.

One such application is EKBangla To Bijoy ANSI Series Converter, and it helps you convert the “EKBANG18” font to the “Bijoy Classic” one, which is composed of ANSI characters, readable and compatible with a multitude of text editors. In order to properly function, the application requires .Net Framework installed on your computer.

Lightweight, yet reliable font conversion tool to ANSI characters

The application gives you the possibility to change the “EKBANG18” font, which is unsupported by most document editors, to the “Bijoy Classic” one, which contains ANSI characters and can be read by a wide majority of text processing utilities.

The process of converting the fonts couldn’t be easier, as all you need to do is simply to paste the text that needs to be “translated”, then pressing the “Convert” button. The program will display you the processed text, which can be copied and used for its intended purpose.

A straightforward and easy to use text converter with user friendly interface

EKBangla To Bijoy ANSI Series Converter has a multitude of uses, as copying and using text written in the “EKBANG18” font can get troublesome, especially for text processors that do not support this format.

Converting that text to a similar, yet ANSI-compatible font, such as “Bijoy Classic” can save you a lot of time, as you can process the original text easier.

To sum it up, the application can come in handy when trying to convert certain exotic fonts, such as “EKBANG18” font to similar and ANSI-compatible ones, such as “Bijoy Classic”.

EKBangla To Bijoy ANSI Series Converter was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 17th, 2014
EKBangla To Bijoy ANSI Series Converter - EKBangla To Bijoy ANSI Series Converter helps you transform the EKBangla font to the ANSI Bijoy one, which is supported by text editors