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A no-nonsense software solution especially designed to search for specific text strings in multiple EPUB files that are located on your computer

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Let’s say you need to do some research and your source material is a heap of EPUB publications. The first thing that comes to mind in order to locate the information you need is to load each document into an application that supports the format and manually search for the text.

That is a practical solution but there is a way you can considerably speed up the process using a specialized tool. EPUB Search Multiple Files At Once Software is an application which allows you to search for a string of text within multiple EPUB documents in one go.

A self explanatory interface for easy use

EPUB Search Multiple Files At Once Software’s button layout and overall GUI design won’t leave you scratching your head trying to figure out how it works. In fact, the only way of making it easier to use is by implementing voice commands.

Everything you need to load the files, search for the words or phrases and export the results is made available in the main window of the app. With a simple click you are able insert a single file or add an entire folder that contains EPUBs but you can just as well add items using a drag and drop action.

Responsive case sensitive or case insensitive search

Since research needs to be accurate, EPUB Search Multiple Files At Once Software tries to help you out as much as possible. For this, it’s fitted with the ability to distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters, which means that it will identify the exact string of text you are looking for.

Locate text inside multiple EPUB documents in a jiffy

All-in-all, EPUB Search Multiple Files At Once Software doesn’t excel in design or complex features but it does deliver quick results and it makes it so easy to export them as text or Excel spreadsheets.

EPUB Search Multiple Files At Once Software was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 17th, 2014
EPUB Search Multiple Files At Once Software - From the main window of the application you are able to load multiple ePub documents and search for text inside them.