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A useful conversion utility that enables you to batch convert spreadsheet documents to a variety of formats, including CSV, HTML and TXT

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Spreadsheets are commonly used for a variety of tasks involving tabular data and numerical operations, especially in the financial sector. They are, however, rather limiting when it comes to platform support and they are not very easy to integrate with other applications.

Convert Excel files in batch mode

Excel Converter is an application that allows you to work around these issues by converting your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to a wide variety of formats, depending on the purpose of the output result. In addition, the operation can be performed on multiple files at once, which can include XLS and XLSX files as well.

The loaded documents are displayed in a list, along with their system path and full filename. Before starting the conversion procedure, you specify a few details about the desired output, such as the new filename, which can be based on sheet name, as well as choose the folder to which to export the final results.

Choose between a multitude of conversion formats

When it comes to the supported formats, Excel Converter provides you with a comprehensive list of extensions, all of which can be used in different situations. The selection includes plain text documents, like CSV or TXT, as well as slightly more advanced formats, like HTML or XML. In addition, you can export the spreadsheets as image files, including PNG, JPG and TIFF.

In case the loaded files are protected by passwords, you can include them before starting the conversion process, in order to allow the application to access their content and avoid any issues during the procedure. Furthermore, you can create separate files for every worksheet available inside the documents and create a new folder in the output directory.

In conclusion

Thanks to the wide range of available conversion formats, as well as the ability to convert multiple documents at the same time, Excel Converter is a handy utility to have around if you happen to work with a large amount of spreadsheets on a regular basis and you need a reliable conversion tool.

Excel Converter was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
Excel Converter - You can load multiple Excel spreadsheets at once into the main window of the application.Excel Converter - The File menu enables you to add entire folders containing Excel files, or select them manually.Excel Converter - You can remove the entire file list or a separate document by accessing the Edit menu.Excel ConverterExcel Converter