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This tool gives you the chance to create "self-extracting .zip archives" that are run as an .exe.




Funduc Software ZIP Extractor gives you the chance to create "self-extracting .zip archives" that are run as an .exe.The Funduc Software ZIP Extractor allows you to share your zips with other users who might not have unZIP software installed on their machine. Please see the FS Zip Extractor page for more information.

If you are in possession of a .zip file and are looking for something to unzip it with, you need Directory Toolkit. FS ZIP Extractor is used to make self-extracting zip archives. A self-extracting archive has a file name that ends with the .exe extension.

FS ZIP Extractor is used to turn a .zip file into an executable .exe so the zip can then be unzipped without having any unZIP software installed on that computer. For example, say you have a .zip archive of some files you need to share with a friend. But you are not sure if your friend has any 'unzip software' installed on their computer? By turning the .zip into a self-extracting .zip, your friend can unzip the file(s) by simply clicking on the .exe. Your friend would not need any an unzip software installed on their computer.

When launched, the self-extractor will prompt for a path to extract to, whether or not to overwrite existing files, and whether or not to preserve the directory structure in the .zip (if present). You can select some or all files to extract.
Last updated on October 9th, 2008
FS ZIP Extractor - The main window allows yo uto select the files you want to extract.

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