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Write, manage or organize screenplays and scripts efficiently with the help of this easy to use and distraction-free software solution

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If you are a screenplay expert or simply a hobbyist, then you have surely stumbled across the various shortcomings of your text editor, since most of them are limited in terms of the types of formatting they support. This is why using a dedicated screenplay software utility can come in handy, while also simplifying the task of adjusting the overall layout of your script.

The app installs without any issues and you can access its user-friendly graphic interface within seconds. You can effortlessly create a new screenplay from scratch or you can paste the text from another program, then start formatting it according to your needs.

More precisely, you can mark the scene heading, the actions, the characters, the dialogues and the transitions, so that they are very clear for all the staff involved in the process. You can also add instructions and advice between parentheses, thus making it easier for the actors to act a certain way.

Furthermore, Fade In enables you to add extra formatting to your text, regarding of its type, and make it bold, italic, underline or strikethrough. Changing the lettercase can be done with a simple mouse click, as well as modifying the overall alignment.

You also get to customize the page length to your liking, if you are not satisfied with the default values, or switch to a different font type and size.

On the other hand, Fade In can also come in handy during the process of writing the screenplay, as it can help you insert character names, scene times and intros or transition methods within your text, all by simply clicking the mouse.

All in all, Fade In can be of great help to all those who like working on screenplays and want to create professional scripts, similar to the ones used for big bugdet movies.

Fade In was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on September 7th, 2015
Fade In - The main window of the application enables users to write their play, or script easily and without distractions.Fade In - Users can organize the content of their work and navigate through it by accessing the dedicated tab.Fade In - The File menu enables users to import or export their script to various formats such as ASTX, CELTX, TXT or XML.Fade In - screenshot #4Fade In - screenshot #5Fade In - screenshot #6Fade In - screenshot #7Fade In - screenshot #8Fade In - screenshot #9Fade In - screenshot #10Fade In - screenshot #11

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