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A handy and reliable application that helps you convert all your data stored in flat-line or 3-column CSV files into Formal Concept ones

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When performing Formal Concept analysis, it is important to have the right files for the job. Since most datasets are saved in flat-line or 3-column CSV, although the format specialized in this type of analysis is Burmeister or FIMI.

FcaBedrock Context Creator is a handy piece of software that does just that. It helps you convert data retrieved from flat-line or 3-column CSV to Burmeister or FIMI, as these file formats emphasize with Formal Concept analysis.

A handy analysis tool for concept hierarchy

The program helps you analyze data imported from flat-line or 3-column CSV files, modify it if necessary, then save it as Burmeister or FIMI, which have the CXT, respectively DAT formats.

By doing so, you are able to check the attributes, categories and their values, then perform several guided automation processes. The application can convert metadata provided by you to files suitable for Formal Concept analysis, whilst allowing you to decide the type of the output data.

Reliable conversion utility that emphasizes on concept hierarchy metadata

The application can easily detect several type of attributes, such as continuous attributes, then provide you with the best Discrete and Progressive scaling of these types. By being able to parse categorical, Boolean, continuous, date and ordinal attributes, the program can show you if any of the data associated to an attribute is correct.

Furthermore, the program collects only correct data, as its inconsistency module can convert only objects that have more than one values for each attribute.

A dependable Formal Concept analysis application

To sum it up, FcaBedrock Context Creator provides a stable environment for converting data taken from flat-line or 3-column CSVs into Burmeister or FIMI files, which are better suited when performing Formal Concept analysis or derivations of formal ontologies from a collection of objects and their properties.

FcaBedrock Context Creator was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 16th, 2014
FcaBedrock Context Creator - FcaBedrock Context Creator allows you to convert flat-line or 3-column CSV files into Formal Contexts.FcaBedrock Context Creator - From the File menu, you can easily read input data files or create context data.FcaBedrock Context Creator - By accessing the Format menu, you can select the preferred input or output file format, such as DSV or XML.

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