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Using this application you can read and edit electronic books, by adding various elements into the document, such as pictures, tables or links

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FB Editor is a comprehensive application that enables you to open, view and edit FB2 e-book files on your computer. It can be used for loading such documents and reading their content, as well as create FB2 e-books from scratch.

Forthright approach and ease of use

Thanks to its intuitive interface and the accessible options in the toolbar, modifying the content of a document is easy. The structure of the e-book is displayed in tree view for easier navigation, while most of the interface is occupied by the text pane.

Insert various elements into your e-book

The e-book might contain annotations, epigraphs and body text. You can easily assign it a title and configure the text author. Alongside these elements, there are various other items that can be inserted, such as images (JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIF are the supported formats), poems, cites or tables. Hyperlinks, footnotes and references are among the other elements that you an insert.

FB Editor features search and replace functions that help you manipulate text content much easier, as well as spell checking functionality and a built-in dictionary that can offer you word suggestions.

Quickly modify e-book properties

You can also edit the e-book properties, configuring the genre, the author details, its title, keywords, available languages and the name of the translators, document version and creation date, data sources (OCR documents, URLs), as well as details concerning the published paper book (publisher, city, year, ISBN).

The 'Source' mode enables you to view the book's structure in a different way, with tags similar to those of XML files. Documents can be either saved in FB2 format or exported as HTML files and saved to your computer.

An easy to handle e-book editor

FB Editor is a not just an e-book reader, as it offers a toolset for editing their content. It is easy to work with and can remember information concerning the author and other details.

Fiction Book Editor was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 3rd, 2014
Fiction Book Editor - Fiction Book Editor enables you to easily edit text and add various elements to it, such as annotations or citations.Fiction Book Editor - The application offers you the possibility to export your project to a HTML document.Fiction Book Editor - From the Edit menu, you can reverse to a previous state of the project and search for a text that you want to replace.Fiction Book Editor - screenshot #4Fiction Book Editor - screenshot #5Fiction Book Editor - screenshot #6Fiction Book Editor - screenshot #7Fiction Book Editor - screenshot #8Fiction Book Editor - screenshot #9Fiction Book Editor - screenshot #10

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