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A lightweight plugin that allows you to easily attach any kind of files to your Aml Pages documents, as well as view details about them

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Aml Pages is an application that enables you to store massive amounts of information in tree mode, in order to improve the access speed. This information can be comprised of notes, website fragments or to do lists and you can save it in project form, in order to continuously add upon it.

Attach files to your Aml documents

File2Aml is a plugin designed to enable file attachments onto the documents, in case you need to include archives, images or any other kind of data along with your notes. The format of the desired files is up to you, since the application does not apply any restrictions regarding it. The same is true for the size, although larger attachments can considerably slow down your document.

Once you select the item you intend to attach, it is automatically added to the list, where you can also see details about it, such as filename, size and creation date. More than one file can be added at once to the same tree node, or even made available across the entire Aml Pages document.

Export and delete files directly from the plugin's interface

Once the attached items become obsolete, or you are about to include updated versions for them, you can choose to delete them from the list and even discarded entirely to the recycle bin. Furthermore, files can be attached as simple links inside the documents, in order to avoid overloading them with additional data.

The reverse operation is also possible, in case you want to save one of the files to your computer. To accomplish that, you can use the export function and extract it to the desired folder on your system. The process keeps the integrity of the file and does not remove the original from inside the document, since it merely creates an identical copy.

In conclusion

Overall, File2Aml is a handy plugin to have around in Aml Pages, especially if your projects and notes require a lot of additional file attachments. The intuitive and straightforward interface make it extremely simple to select and add any type of document, while the removal process is just as facile.

File2Aml was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 28th, 2014
File2Aml - File2Aml can be easily accessed by visiting the Plugins menu inside the application.File2Aml - The File View window enables to attach files and view their name, size and creation date.

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