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A user-friendly and efficient application that allows you to search through text-based files and perform quick replacements in the targeted documents

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Find & Replace is a lightweight and intuitive software solution which aims to provide you with the ability of swiftly locating a word or a string of text through multiple documents at the same time, while also enabling you to change it with a user-defined phrase.

Following a fairly simple and uneventful installation operation, you can begin working with the application. Its straight-forward interface makes it easy to handle, even for inexperienced users, so you will have no trouble figuring out how to benefit from it to the fullest, even if you have never used a similar tool before.

The main window of Find & Replace allows you to input the 'Find' string, which can be a word or a phrase. At the same time, if you need, you can enter the 'Replace' text, which will be used to substitute the 'Find' string.

Find & Replace enables you to choose whether your 'Find' and 'Replace' words can be 'Case Sensitive', 'Whole Word Only' or 'Use Regular Expression', depending on your needs. Additionally, you have to select the folder that will be targeted during the search operation, with the option of also looking through subfolders.

Moreover, Find & Replace requires you to pick the 'File Type' from the assigned menu, but you can only work with one extension at a time, for instance TXT, SQL, PHP, ASC, LOG, CSV, HTML, and others.

As such, if you need to replace the same phrase or word inside several different documents, you will need to do so gradually. Finally, you can hit the 'Search' button and within instants, the program will retrieve the results, displaying them in a list and allowing you to view them in detail in the lower panel.

In conclusion, Find & Replace is a simple and quite practical utility that helps you perform mass-replacement operations in multiple text-based files simultaneously, saving you significant amounts of time.

Find & Replace was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 8th, 2014
Find & Replace - The main window of Find & Replace allows you to input the string tat you want to find and its replacementFind & Replace - From the File Type menu, you can select the targeted extension, for instance TXT, HTML, CSV or SQLFind & Replace - The Settings window enables you to select the before and after exclusion dates, as well as the backup folder path

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