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A reliable and powerful Excel add-on that helps you seamlessly find and fix any broken or missing links found in Excel spreadsheets

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Broken links can lead to disaster, especially when you have a public presentation and you moved some Excel files on a flash drive. The original path of your links does not correspond to the current one, thus leading to errors.

Fix Broken Links for Excel is a handy add-on that can help you solve these problems. The application finds and fixes any broken or misleading links in Excel spreadsheets.

In order to function properly, the application needs Microsoft Excel and .Net Framework installed on your computer.

Dependable broken link finder

The program finds any missing links by trying to open all the links in a Excel worksheet, in order to test the response. Those that fail to open are fixed, then displayed in the report file, which contains all the fixed and broken links.

This way, you can easily fix any broken links that may occur during the renaming, moving or deletion of a file, because the path of this documents changes, whilst the link to them does not update.

The application has a particular mode of marking the links that can be easily restored from the ones that cannot be repaired, mainly to let you know which files have been deleted or do not exist on the current computer, thus making any attempt to link them impossible.

Furthermore, you can transfer or copy linked documents to another location, as the application will recreate the links between them. This function comes in handy for people that work on the same documents from multiple computers.

A powerful link repair tool

Fix Broken Links for Excel can help you check the consistency of your files, by finding and restoring any broken links that may appear during the moving or deletion of an Excel spreadsheet.

Fix Broken Links for Excel was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on March 29th, 2014
Fix Broken Links for Excel - The application is an Excel add-on and helps users fix any broken or misleading links.Fix Broken Links for Excel - Users can create reports with all the links contained by a Excel spreadsheet, or they can attempt to fix them.Fix Broken Links for Excel - Users need to select the source files that contain the broken or misleading links.Fix Broken Links for Excel - screenshot #4