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A lightweight and very easy to understand application that aims to provide you with the ability of opening DOC and DOCX files without having Microsoft Office installed

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Free DOC Reader is a fairly simple yet efficient program created assist you in opening Word documents, without having Microsoft Office on the host system, thus making it easier to work with these types of files.

Setup notice

During the installation process, you will need to pay attention when clicking the next button, as you will also be offered to install third-party applications that are not essential to Free DOC Reader’s functioning.

As such, you can accept or decline the offer, allowing the operation to continue as normal. In addition, you will have the possibility of choosing whether to support both DOC and DOCX, or only one of them.

Effortlessly open DOC or DOCX files

Free DOC Reader serves the purpose of letting you view Word files on your computer, regardless of any other software. It can prove particularly useful if the PC you are using does not have the office suite installed.

Aside from not affording the price of Microsoft Office, other reasons may include the fact that the machine you are working on is a public one, for instance in an Internet cafe, in a library or a school. With this utility, you can still view the contents of your DOC or DOCX files and carry on uninterrupted.

Free DOC Reader does not feature any editing functions, but you can ‘Zoom In’ and ‘Zoom Out’ of the text, which is handy if the font is too small for you to see. Moreover, it offers a ‘Search’ function, enabling you to swiftly locate an item throughout the document.

An intuitive tool for accessing Word files

To sum it up, Free DOC Reader is a useful application that you can resort to when you want to open Microsoft Word documents on your PC, without having to install the default software to benefit from this possibility.

Free DOC Reader was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 23rd, 2014
Free DOC Reader - Free DOC Reader is a simple tool whose main purpose is to help you open DOC files without having Microsoft Office installed

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