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A user-friendly and effective application that you can rely on for converting Microsoft Word files in DOCX format to RTF, in just a few swift moves

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Free Docx to RTF Converter is a simple to handle software solution aimed at allowing you to work with the contents of DOCX files, regardless of the fact that you may or may not have Microsoft Office on your computer, by turning these documents to RTF format.

Watch out during installation

You should be advised that during the setup process, the program also recommends that you install third party tools, which are not in any way necessary for its functioning.

As a result, you can very well decline the offer (or accept it, depending on your needs), the operation undergoing as normal so you can start working with it as soon as possible.

Swiftly turn DOCX files to RTF format

First off, one of the main benefits of Free Docx to RTF Converter is the fact that the utility can process DOCX files correctly, even if you do not have the Microsoft Office suite on your computer, which can make it fairly appealing to many.

Secondly, the application is able to work with documents in batch, meaning you can easily process an entire folder in just a few moves. However, you need to add the items manually, by browsing through your computer and loading them into Free Docx to RTF Converter, as drag and drop actions are not supported.

Before proceeding with the operation, you have the possibility of choosing a destination directory, the default location being the source folder. Items can be approached in queue or in parallel, depending on how you prefer it to occur.

A handy DOCX to RTF instrument

In short, Free Docx to RTF Converter proves to be an effective and easy to understand utility that you can resort to whenever you need to work with the contents of DOCX files, yet do not have a compatible reader on your system.

Free Docx to RTF Converter was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 2nd, 2014
Free Docx to RTF Converter - Free Docs to RTF Converter is a handy tool that can help you turn Microsoft Word files to a more common format