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A lightweight and fairly simple to handle application developed to assist you in viewing the contents of your PostScript documents

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Free Postscript Viewer is a simple yet useful piece of software created to offer you the means of opening PS format files, also enabling you to output them to PNG, BMP or JPG format, with just a few moves of your mouse.

Basic yet practical looks

Subsequent to a brief and uneventful installation operation, you can run the application and begin working with it immediately, its straightforward looks making it easy to handle by anyone.

The main window allows you to load the PS file that you want to open, by browsing through your computer and adding it in Free Postscript Viewer; drag and drop is not supported.

Open and read your PostScript files or output them to images

The program features left and right rotate functions, as well as the ability to flip the document vertically or horizontally, helping you position it in a way that supports its reading without too much difficulty.

The ‘Zoom In’ tool helps you enlarge the image to make it clearer, but the degree of zooming is fixed, not customizable, which in turn proves insufficient at times, due to the fact that certain files display a small font writing.

From the ‘Edit’ menu of Free Postscript Viewer, you have the possibility of opening Windows Pain and modifying the contents of the current PS file. Moreover, it features the ability to export the file to one of several image formats, allowing you to choose between PNG, BMP, GIF or JPG.

A useful PS conversion instrument

To conclude, Free Postscript Viewer proves to be a handy albeit rather basic application that can help you open and convert PS files to the most common picture formats, making it possible for you to work with them using any compatible software.

Free Postscript Viewer was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 15th, 2014
Free Postscript Viewer - The main window of Free Postscript Viewer allows you to open the document you want to work withFree Postscript Viewer - From the File menu, you can one a new PS document or save the current one to image formatFree Postscript Viewer - The Edit menu enables you to open and modify your document using Windows Paint