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Generate simple Gantt charts with this intuitive application that allows you to create multiple tasks and link them with connectors

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Gantt Designer is an intuitive chart designer that is intended to provide users with a simple method of generating customized Gantt diagrams. The application comes with several predefined task layout options.

A good resource to break complex problems into smaller pieces

This resource will benefit anyone that wants to split complex problems into smaller parts and depict them visually. Almost any task that can be divided into smaller parts can be portrayed as a Gantt chart with this resource. Users that are especially fond of planning complex tasks will appreciate the power behind this utility.

The interface is very easy to navigate and understand. The program allows for a significant amount of customization and, as such, there is a fair number of menu items and buttons. However, newcomers will soon find out that most interface elements link to simple tasks.

Requires little background information

Gantt Designer generates charts based on users' source data, which means that the first step in the creation of a diagram is data input. This is a very simple task, as only a few fields have to be completed in order to generate a graph.

User-defined task names, start dates and duration is all the information required by the resource. Once these have been inserted, the application plots the duration units against a customizable calendar. The task duration can also be dragged with the mouse, and a percentage bar can also be created much in the same manner.

Tasks are linked with connectors

The previously-mentioned operation can be repeated for as many tasks as needed, after which one can link tasks together with connectors. Certain tags can be applied, such as “Important” or “Flag”.

To sum up, Gantt Designer is a simple tool that can help users break down complex issues into step-by-step informative charts.

Gantt Designer was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on May 28th, 2015
Gantt Designer - The main window allows users to create graphic depictions of scheduled tasksGantt Designer - Gantt Designer can export selected columns to a single TXT file that can be processed with any text editorGantt Designer - Inserting new tasks and columns is performed by navigating to the Edit menuGantt DesignerGantt DesignerGantt DesignerGantt DesignerGantt DesignerGantt DesignerGantt DesignerGantt DesignerGantt DesignerGantt Designer