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An intuitive application that comes packed with many useful features for helping you perform complex calculations, insert charts, and generate statistics

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Gnumeric is a Windows utility designed to help users manipulate and analyze numeric data with the use of spreadsheets, as well as generate graphical plots by using line graphs, and pie or radar charts.

Although it comes packed with many configuration settings, the GUI is clean and intuitive. If you are already familiar with Microsoft Excel’s layout, then you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties in getting used to working with this tool.

The application offers support for a wide range of file formats, namely CSV, DIF, HTML, XLS, ODS, DB, PX, PLN, DBF, plain text format, and others. The generated information can be printed or exported to the aforementioned file formats.

Gnumeric bundles several editing tools designed to help you cut, copy, paste, or delete the information, embed comments and hyperlinks, add, delete, or merge cells and columns, as well as zoom in or out of the working area.

Furthermore, you can work with multiple sheets, choose from different templates (e.g. calendar, invoice, loan), insert charts by selecting from various preset plot types (e.g. pie, polar, radar, bubble, bar, area, line), perform search and replace operations, add images, and attach date and time details.

Other important features worth mentioning give you the possibility to apply data filters, format cells, perform linear algebra calculations and simulation analysis, use correlation and covariance tools, generate statistics, activate an auto correct function, as well as manage sheets and plugins.

All things considered, Gnumeric offers an intuitive working environment for helping you perform many complex calculations, insert charts, and generate statistics. If you want to skip the installation steps, then you can download the portable version of the program, which can be found here.

Gnumeric was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on June 11th, 2014
Gnumeric - In the main window of the application you can insert the data you need to work with, group it in a table and enter a mathematic formulaGnumeric - From the File menu, you can open a new worksheet or load a preset template, and also, you can print your workGnumeric - You can find an replace data or clear contents, formats and hyperlinks or the whole worksheet from the Edit menuGnumericGnumericGnumericGnumericGnumericGnumericGnumericGnumericGnumericGnumericGnumericGnumericGnumericGnumericGnumericGnumeric

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