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Automated proofreader and grammar checker with plagiarism detection features, enabling you to evaluate the overall quality of your documents

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Spelling and grammar mistakes suggest a lack of attention or care from the writer's part, so eliminating them from a document is rather important. The Office suite comes with its own, integrated text proofing and auto-correct tools, but there are also other alternatives that you can try out in order to get the best results.

Grammarly is such a tool, aiming to provide a simple, yet useful solution for identifying and removing mistakes in Word files. It comes in the form of a lightweight addin, but the technology it relies on can improve the quality of your documents.

Once installed, the addin options can be easily accessed within the main window of Microsoft Word. It enables you to verify business documents, essays and other academic texts, technical reviews, creative and casual texts.

Aside from spelling tools, Grammarly packs a plagiarism detection engine that can compare a text to up to 8 billion web pages in order to accurately detect unoriginal content. Furthermore, it protects you against common grammar mistakes with respect to subject and verb agreement, confused words, use of articles and conjunctions.

In addition to this, it checks punctuation and offers you suggestions concerning the writing style and the choice of words (synonyms, phrases, citation assistance), offering a great method of improving your writing skills.

Unfortunately, the cost-free version only allows you to get a report on the number of mistakes of each type that are identified within your written document and not the actual, explained errors, only available in the Premium version.

Grammarly provides a general overview on the quality of your documents, offering the possibility to evaluate your writing skills. It helps you perfect your documents and keep mistakes at a minimum.

Grammarly was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on November 18th, 2013
Grammarly - The add-in is embedded in the Word interface and allows you to run spell and plagiarism checking.

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