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Create complex graphs in a cleverly simple environment and print it on a sheet of paper with the help of this lightweight application

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Any large scale business needs to hold meetings that are usually enhanced with presentations. These can contain graphs to better emphasize certain aspects. There are various applications that give you the possibility to arrange your ides on a virtual canvas and GvEdit makes no exception. It is a small utility with the help of which graphs from the simplest to the most complex can be designed.

Lightweight and easy to use

In order for the application to run it only needs a computer, due to the clever optimization. It roughly takes about 1 Mb of space on your hard disk drive, while CPU speed used is not a thing to worry about.

The main window mostly consists of the workspace put at your disposal, which is more than enough to let you lay down anything that comes to mind. Moreover, the application does not require installation, so it can easily be kept on a removable disk drive and have all your projects with you wherever you go.

Create vertex points and have them connected

Your main utilities are little geometrical shapes you add as a vertex. These can be set either to take the shape of a square, diamond or a custom icon from your computer, this last one requiring you to input the exact file path and name.

Once created, a vertex point can easily be arranged on the virtual canvas by dragging it around. Moreover, these can be connected with the help of arrows to indicate both incoming and outgoing direction.

Unfortunately, options are slightly difficult to work with, not being accessible for all levels of experience. Customization is kept to a minimum, with the possibility to only select only a few color options for a vertex, attribute it a text string, but no integrated function that lets you change or add a custom background.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that GvEdit is a straightforward application which helps you create simple graphs with complex content. It feels a little rough around the edges, the interface not being the most accessible for applications of its kind, but it manages to get the job properly done.

GvEdit was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on June 5th, 2014
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