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A handy and powerful Microsoft Word plugin that allows you to create documents using data and templates from certain server databases

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In order to automate the creation of certain documents, you need a powerful program that can validate any new entry in your document. Although Microsoft Word can process a multitude of documents, it offers little support to text automation and database information processing.

With the help of Invantive Composition for Word, you can avoid such problems. The application is a Microsoft Office Word plugin and it helps you optimize your work, by simplifying the process of extracting information from databases and further manipulating it in a Word document. The program requires Microsoft Office Word installed on your computer, as well as .Net Framework and a database management utility in order to function flawlessly.

Dependable and intuitive document generation tool providing database server connection

The application can help you automatically fill in documents and templates with information extracted from a certain database. By doing so, you are able to create and validate documents on the spot, using the data provided by certain queries from tables.

Furthermore, each created template can be reused, fastening the creation of any document, as you do not have to manually create one every time you need to process certain information.

Sturdy and efficient database processing plugin that facilitates document generation

Because the application connects to a database and extracts information from there, then further processes it using Word, there are no limits to the types of documents that you can automatically generate using templates.

For instance, you can collect information stored in a table that contains several products, their price and available quantity, along with other specific details. Instead of manually creating an document for each product and copying their details one by one, you could use the Word plugin to automatically collect the data stored for each product and create a template page for each one.

A handy and powerful document automation utility with user-friendly layout

As a conclusion, Invantive Composition for Word provides you with advanced tools that extract information from databases and help you automatically generate Word documents and templates.

Invantive Composition for Word was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 21st, 2014
Invantive Composition for Word - Invantive Composition for Word allows you to generate Word documents using templates saved on certain databases.