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A simple to use, multi-function application that enables you to merge, split or convert text, comma separated value and Excel files

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JigWork is a simple to use software, bundled with file management functions, that supports TXT, CSV and Microsoft Excel documents. JigWork can easily merge, split, convert the files from one format to another, as well as copy, move, delete or rename the lot of them. Moreover, all the actions and information is displayed in the log area.

Smart division of functions for an effective use

JigWork offers several functions for file management, in a column on the left. You can easily choose between CSV/TXT files tools, Excel tools and File operation tools. Each category is packed with multiple functions dedicated to handling the specific type of documents. For instance, the CSV/TXT tools are designed to merge files of a kind into one document, convert them to XLS/XLSX, subtract lists, remove empty rows or analyze the selected files.

Similarly, the software can manipulate Excel workbooks by converting them to either CSV or TXT, merge worksheets into CSV/TXT files and analyze them. Finally, the File operation tools are dedicated to copying, moving, deleting or renaming batches of documents at the same time.

Control the file manipulation process

Each function allows you to either select the input sources from several folders or load an entire directory, then let the software extract the supported files. You may also set the output directory, then operate the specific settings for each function. For instance, in the CSV/TXT tools, you may establish the separator symbol, the type of process used to detect a new line, the field enclosure character and the comment characters.

Additionally, you may decide if the first data line can server as a header, or if you wish to keep it in the output file. Moreover, when handling Excel files, you need to mention if all the data should be merged and transferred into a single sheet or if you wish the software to create separate sheets for each input file.

Save time with automatic file manipulation

JigWork allows you to reduce the time spent merging, converting or splitting CVS, TXT and XLS/XLSX files. The software specializes in processing batches of files, which enables you to simply load the documents into the software, fine tune the conversion, merger or splitting, then view the output in the selected destination.

JigWork was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on September 2nd, 2014
JigWork - JigWork is a simple to use, multi-functional program that enables you merge, split or convert TXT, CSV and XLSX files.JigWork - The software features several functions that enable you to manage TX, CSV and XLSX files, without having Excel installed.JigWork - You may easily merge, split or convert files from separate folders or load an entire directory with all the sub-folders.JigWork - screenshot #4JigWork - screenshot #5

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